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Cork U12,U14 and U16 League Centre


 U16 Cork Gaynor Squad


 Leah Murphy, Liz O'Connor (Blarney) Rachael O'Regan, Kate O'Brien (Carrigaline) Aoibhe Noonan (Douglas Hall LFC)  Kara Lacey (Hollyhill) Zara Foley, Eabha O'Mahoney, Megan Sheehan (Lakewood Ath.) Shannon Cremin (Midleton), Faye Ahern, Louise Burke, Lauren Egbonliu (Passage) Ellen Baker, Abbie O'Mahony (Riverstown), Emma O'Driscoll, Jesse Mendez, Lauren Walsh (Wilton Utd)  


Proposed Dates for you Diary:

Gaynor Cup June 21st to 25th June




Orlaith Deasy, Izzie Canniffe, Lucy Callanan (Bandon), Laura Shine (Blarney), Sarah Creagh, Molly Kelleher, Eva Mangan, Aoife McIver (Carrigaline), Faye Madden, Caoimhe McCarthy, Cerys Lewis, Cerys McCarthy (Douglas Hall), Caoimhe Hartnett (Fermoy), Kelly Leahy (Hollyhill) Ava Lotty (Leeside), Rachel O'Sullivan (Midleton), Aisling Corkery, Eimear Murphy, Katie Irwin, Holly Tett (Passage) Olivia Gibson, Alix Mendez, Robyn O'Connor, Muireann McHale, Grace O'Driscoll, Mia O'Connell (Wilton)

Proposed Dates: 

Gaynor Cup June 21st to June 25th 

U12 Cork Squad

Jill Connaughton (Midleton), Caoimhe Richmond (Riverstown),Holly McCabe, Kayleigh Still, Ailbha O'Donovan (Ringmahon Rangers) Heidi O'Sullivan (Lakewood Ath.), Anna Roche (Park Utd), Kiera Sena (Watergrasshill Utd), Caoimhe Russell (Douglas Hall LFC),Kelsey Cooper, Ellie O'Brien, Chloe Atkinson (Wilton Utd) Muireann Deasy (Passage Utd), Heidi Mackin (Carrigaline Utd), Laura Cummins, Niamh Cotter (Bandon)

Dates for the Diary

U12 Regional Blitz Sunday 7th May in Cahir. 





All club personal in contact with children under age of 18 must be

FAI Garda Vetted...

Please find all the relevant forms on our forms section at the top of the page..

All clubs must adhere to these rules.




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